5 tough-love talks to inspire you

Let’s face it – sometimes it feels like work is just work. You wish it were more meaningful and inspiring and, right now, it definitely doesn’t make you want to leap out of bed every morning. If you’re relating to this a little too much, listen to our roundup of motivating talks.

1. When you’re trying to find meaning

What: The Meaning of Work
Format: Podcast series
Duration: 4 x 9–15 minute episodes
Why: ‘Some of us hate it, some of us love it, but most of us have no choice,’ says TED Talk radio host Guy Raz. This series discusses work-related issues, such as the professional pecking order, finding meaning in a monotonous job, our motivation for work and breaking into new industries.

2. When you need to be brave

What: The Power of Vulnerability
Format: TED Talk
Duration: 20 minutes
Why: Have you been thinking you have a great idea, but have been too afraid to tell your colleagues or manager about it? Brené Brown, a researcher in vulnerability, courage, authenticity and shame, argues that you can’t find connection or progress if you don’t open up. ‘You have to be vulnerable to be courageous,’ she says, and this talk is an honest exploration of the human psyche and an examination of bravery. You might want to convert one of her inspirational quotes into a mantra to keep at your desk.

3. When you need tough love after failure

What: Three Lessons I Learned from Winning Olympic Gold
Format: TedXJohannesburg Talk
Duration: 17 minutes
Why: You may have failed at something recently, but Olympic gold medallist Penny Heyns says that’s no reason to give up. In this talk, she discusses the lessons she learnt during her career as a professional Olympic swimmer, the art of goal-setting, and overcoming some of life’s challenges.

4. When you’re feeling stressed

What: How to Turn Stress into an Advantage
Format: 99U lecture
Duration: 24 minutes
Why: At some point at work you’ve probably found yourself in a stressful situation and experienced anxious feelings, but Kelly McGonigal argues that stress can be turned into a source of strength. All it takes is a shift in perspective. Drawing from research and her own experiences as a health psychologist, Kelly presents a compelling strategy for managing your wellbeing in the workplace.

5. When you need inspiration from a real-life story

What: The Magna Carta of Exponentiality
Format: Podcast
Duration: 22 minutes
Why: You may recognise Vusi Thembekwayo from Dragons’ Den South Africa, but what you may not know is that his story has humble beginnings. In this interview with Radio 702 host Bongani Bingwa, the venture capitalist, global business speaker and author talks about how hard work and a bit of luck were the major players in getting him to where he is today.

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