3 Ways to cultivate gratitude in the workplace

Practising gratitude sometimes seems out of place, for example during a time of loss, but gratitude promotes kindness, generosity and appreciation during difficult times. It can also be a powerful way to improve satisfaction in your personal and work lives. Here’s how to cultivate gratitude at work and reap the rewards.

1. Compliment a colleague

Working without validation or praise can be demotivating. When you’re busy, it can be difficult to keep up with a colleague’s accomplishments. Compliments are a great way to show appreciation, and they benefit both the giver and the receiver. Some of these benefits include motivation, adding value to work projects and recognition.

How to do it: Try to acknowledge colleagues when they’ve performed well. If you have direct reports, it’s important to give credit where it’s due. This recognition boosts self-esteem and makes an employee eager to take on new challenges. Send an email, write a note or give a public ‘high five’ in a meeting.

2. Celebrate the small wins

Waiting to reach major milestones such as completed projects and promotions can become disheartening if
they don’t happen as quickly as anticipated. While you’re waiting for a big win, you may overlook all the things you manage to do every day. Acknowledging your hard work can motivate you to keep going and help you see the value of your contribution.

How to do it: List your achievements of the day. This could include finishing important tasks on your to-do list, getting through a difficult meeting or finally clearing your email inbox. Give yourself a small treat, like going for a manicure, over the weekend.

3. Store up your accomplishments for a rainy day

When things are tough at work, it can be hard to remember previous successes. Create a portfolio of noteworthy accomplishments, like positive reviews from colleagues and projects you’ve successfully finished. This is a reminder of your capabilities and it can serve as motivation during performance reviews or when starting a new project.

How to use it: Whenever you receive positive feedback or have completed a project you’re especially proud of, place it in your portfolio so you can look back on your accomplishments when you need a boost.

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